Contractor Procedure

Market Square Shopping Centre is managed by Knight Frank Australia Pty Ltd and adheres to all current health and safety legislation. The safety of all that work and visit Market Square Shopping Centre is of paramount importance. If you will be completing any work at Market Square Shopping Centre, including any of our retail tenancies, please follow the procedure below.

Before any building works can start, please provide the following to Market Square’s Centre Management, located on Level 1, near Harris Scarfe.

  1. Public Liability Insurance with coverage of at least $20 million.
  2. Current Workcover insurance.
  3. Job Safety Analysis for each task to be undertaken.
  4. All contractors and subcontractors must be inducted online via When induction is finished please print off the last page with the contractor ID on it.
  5. All contractors must sign in and out at Centre Management every day, no exceptions.
  6. All work between 9 pm and 5 am Monday to Thursday, 11 pm and 5 am Friday, 9 pm and 9 am Saturday and 7.00pm – 5 am Sunday requires after-hours security at a cost to the tenant and a form can be collected from Centre Management. 48 hrs notice is required.
  7. Hot works (welding, grinding) requires a permit to be filled out each time, available at Centre Management.
  8. Noisy works only allowed between 5.45pm and 8 am Monday to Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and after 9.15pm on Fridays.
  9. No building materials can be brought in to the Centre during trading hours.
  10. Rubbish bins require a permit via the local rubbish disposal contractor.

All Paperwork is to be emailed to

Contractors who arrive on site without first providing the above documentation to Centre Management will not be given permission to commence work until such time as all the paperwork is in order. We appreciate your support regarding this matter to facilitate smooth, safe and efficient operations at Market Square.